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Add : Main Street, Tonggang Industry New
         Area Meili Town,Changshu Jiangsu
ZIP : 215511
TEL : 086-0512-52661931
FAX : 086-0512-52669661
        Flexistrut Pipe Support (Changshu) Co.,Ltd.

        We a global engineering facility specializing in the manufacture of high quality pipe supports, Servicing the air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and fire protection industries.

        We manufacture standard and non standard products.

        Our in house team can assist clients with the design of products to suit individual requirements.

        Our company is located at Changshu city in Jiangsu province which is 90Km from Shanghai

        Flexistrut pipe support prides itself on its commitment to quality, price and service.

        We recognise the importance of excellent customer service in competing in the global market.

        We welcome all inquiries and will respond to them immediately.

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